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Welcome  in Behavioral Analytic Services

Behavioral Analytic Services is a clinical and training center that offers excellent behavioral analytical services aimed at supporting people diagnosed with Autism and other disabilities, rehabilitation and social institutions, professionals working in the field of ABA. At Behavioral Analytic Services, the application of safe, ethical, effective and dignified treatments to reduce problem behaviors is a priority.

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Dr. Floriana Canniello

Clinical Director and founder

Dr. Canniello is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Behavior Analyst with BCBA certification (Board Certified Behavior Analyst®). developmental and adolescent age. It carries out therapeutic interventions based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for people with Autism, Behavioral Disorders and other Disabilities. In the field of Autism it has been working with families for several years, rehabilitation institutions and schools, implementing interventions based on Applied Behavior Analysis, aimed at reducing inappropriate behavior and teaching socially significant behaviors. She is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of severe problem behaviors and stereotypies. She is a Master's teacher in I and II level and training courses. She is a supervisor for aspiring Behavior Analysts. Dr. Canniello holds the Level 6 international certification as Supervisor for the implementation of Practical Functional Assessment and Skill based treatment by G. Hanley for the reduction of severe problem behaviors.

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BCBA Behavior Analysts

Our team is made up of Behavior Analysts with BCBA certification, experts in various areas of rehabilitation and training intervention, with at least five years' experience.

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Behavior Analysts

Behavior Analysts who have completed ABA Master training and who are supervised by BCBA, assist in the evaluation and implementation of treatments, monitor progress through interviews, and carry out basic training for behavior technicians.


Holding Hands

ABA Clinical Consultancy

Our team provides ABA Clinical Consultancy in favor of families and public and private bodies throughout the national territory, who want to start or improve rehabilitation interventions based on Behavior Analysis applied in favor of children, adolescents and adults suffering from Autism and other disability. Dr. Canniello provides consultancy in Rome at the Contatto Clinical Center and at the Neapolisanit Rehabilitation and Research Center in Ottaviano (NA).

Group Therapy

Evaluation and treatments to reduce severe problem behaviors, stereotypies and food selectivity 

Treatments are carried out to evaluate and reduce severe problem behaviours, stereotypies and food selectivity, at home, school and rehabilitation centres, through direct consultancy and/or videoconferencing to teach the implementation of excellent protocols which have demonstrated scientific validity such as the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill Based Treatment by Prof. Gregory Hanley.

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Consulting for BCBA

We provide direct and/or videoconference Clinical Consultation for BCBA Behavior Analysts who need assistance in implementing G. Hanley's PFA and SBT.

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Supervision of students

We provide supervision for aspiring BCBA Behavior Analysts based on the requirements and criteria required to access certification.

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Basic training is carried out in Applied Behavior Analysis, RBT courses, advanced workshops on the treatment of severe problem behaviours, stereotypies and food selectivity.

Eventi in Programma
Corso per Tecnico del Comportamento IBT® -IBAO e TdC- IACABAI
Corso per Tecnico del Comportamento IBT® -IBAO e TdC- IACABAI
Programma di 40h basato sulla Task List di IACABAI e dell’International Behaviour Technician IBAO per acquisire competenze sull’Analisi del Comportamento Applicata come Tecnico del comportamento TdC e/o IBT.
Jun 15, 2024, 9:00 AM – Jul 07, 2024, 1:00 PM
Attraverso la piattaforma ZOOM

Recent News

Pratical Functional Assessment

Hanley and colleagues (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014) described Practical Functional Assessment as an alternative to  complete standardized functional test (Iwata, Dorsey, Slifer, Bauman, & Richman,  1982/1994), which typically involves multiple test conditions that evaluate contingencies  generic and a single control condition that varies from the test conditions plus  ways. This approach believes that problem behavior is influenced simultaneously by multiple EOs and that, similarly, it is maintained simultaneously by multiple reinforcers. Furthermore, according to Hanley, different types of problem behaviors are maintained by the same synthesized reinforcement contingency.

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Skill-based Treatment

Skill based Treatment is a treatment protocol promoted by G. Hanley and based on the functional assessment described and published by him to address severe problem behaviors with patients diagnosed with autism. Treatment for all children included involves (a) teaching a simple FCR to replace the problem behavior (Carr & Durand, 1985), (b) increasing the complexity and developmental appropriateness of the FCR, (c) introducing delays in delivery and denial by an adult and teach a specific response to denial and delay reinforcement cues, (d) chain simple responses during delay tolerance training (e) chain more difficult responses during delay tolerance training tolerance and delay and (f) extend treatment to ecologically relevant situations. Skill Based Treatment has demonstrated its effectiveness in numerous scientific publications.

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