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Fri, Mar 15



Practical workshop: Comprehensive and Compassionate Approach to the Treatment of Problem Behavior

Join Gregory Hanley and Floriana Canniello for a three-day in-person workshop to explore a compassionate and understanding version of today's ABA for treating challenging behaviors through the use of PFA and SBT.

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Practical workshop: Comprehensive and Compassionate Approach to the Treatment of Problem Behavior
Practical workshop: Comprehensive and Compassionate Approach to the Treatment of Problem Behavior

Orario & Sede

Mar 15, 2024, 9:00 AM – Mar 17, 2024, 1:00 PM

Rome, Grand Hotel Palatino, Via Cavour, 213, 00184 Roma RM, Italia



Through the presentation, interactive discussions and practical exercises, the latest updates of the Practical Functional Assessment will be disseminated. Procedures to maximize the safety, televisibility and shared reporting of the process will be emphasized. The Skill based Treatment process will then be described as effective and validated by parents. A detailed description of teaching contextually appropriate behaviors will be provided after modeling communication and tolerance repertoires. The importance of different choice models to further minimize risks and expand clinicians' scope of practice will also be examined. Several clinical cases will be presented to explain all the steps of the process.

A total of 18 BACB and IBAO CEU credits are expected.

CEU BACB 14 General, 2 Ethics, 2 Supervision

CEU IBAO 12 ABA Topics, 2 Ethics, 2 Supervision, 2 Cultural Issues

Simultaneous translation is foreseen.

The event is in-person only.

Registration cost is €380.00 including VAT.

To finalize the registration it is necessary to pay the fee by bank transfer to: BA Services SRLS IBAN IT36A0303203210010000902855 and send payment receipt to In the same email you will have to enter all the billing data, if not entered during registration. If you require an Electronic Invoice, you must indicate the PEC address or Unique Code. In the Payment Reason you must enter "WS Hanley Registration March 2024" and your name, if the transfer is made from a current account in the name of someone else.

Recipients: Behavior Analysts, Assistant Behavior Analysts, RBT Technicians, Neuropsychiatrists, Psychologists, Educators, Neuropsychomotricists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Healthcare Workers, Other specialist figures with basic training in ABA.

Credentials: Upon completion of the workshop, some participants may qualify for FTF credentials up to Level 2 (i.e. training and application). As an accredited professional, you will: - Receive independent verification of training and experience (consistent with the requirements of Code 1.05; Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, 2020) - Obtain a certificate and wallet card verifying completion of the requirements for your credential level - Be featured in FTF's credential directory which will allow potential customers to connect with you. For more information visit

The Workshop received the patronage of ENPAP (National Institute for Social Security and Assistance for Psychologists).

Program details and objectives:

DAY 1, 03/15/24 Part 1: Today's ABA: A Compassionate and Collaborative Approach to Improve Relationships and Behavior

08:30 participant registration

09:00 Greeting Authorities

09:30 Part 1: Today's ABA Values

11:00 Break

11.30 Part 2: Latest updates on Practical Functional Assessment: Knowledge and Application

1.00pm Lunch break

2.00pm Part 2: Latest updates on Practical Functional Assessment: Knowledge and Application

5.30pm End of work

DAY 2, 03/16/2023, Part 1: Latest updates on Skill Based Treatment: Knowledge and Application

09:00 participant registration

09:30 Part 1: Latest updates on Skill Based Treatment: Knowledge and Application

11:00 Break

11.30am Part 1: Latest updates on Skill Based Treatment: Knowledge and Application

1.00pm Lunch break

2.00pm Part 2: The Universal Protocol: Increasing Safety, Dignity and Joy throughout the Day

5.30pm End of work

DAY 3, 17/03/2023 Panel session: The application of PFA and SBT processes for the reduction of problem behaviors: clinical experiences

In this session, different experiences of practical application of the PFA and SBT processes will be presented with explanatory clinical cases by different teams from different parts of Italy.

09:00 participant registration

09:30 First part panel session

- Dr. Elena Clo', Bread and Chocolate Association "Parent-mediated SBT: A clinical experience".

- Dr. Alessandro Di Bari, Oltre le parole Foundation "Application of PFA and SBT in the treatment of problem behaviors emitted during blood sampling: strategies and critical issues".

11:00 Break

11.30am Second part panel session

- Dr. Rosaria Benincasa, Neapolisanit of Ottaviano "Eating without tears. A compassionate approach to the intervention of severe food selectivity."

- Dr. Agense Pisaniello, Giovanna di Carlo, Simona Vergine, Luca Franco of Amici di Nico - Autism Service Center "The power of Synthesized Reinforcement: a clinical example".

1.00 pm End of work


Gregory Hanley, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA

Dr. Hanley has applied the principles of ABA to improve socially meaningful behaviors of children and adults with and without disabilities for 30 years. Started in direct care and management roles in ICF/MR (1990-1994), worked in the neurobehavioral unit at the Kennedy Krieger Institute (1994-1997), graduated from the University of Florida (2001), is tenure at the University of Kansas (2006) and developed and directed the behavior analysis doctoral program and the Life Skills Clinic at Western New England University (WNEU; 2007-2019).

Dr. Hanley is considered one of the most eminent experts on Behavior Analysis, particularly on the assessment and treatment of severe problem behaviors.

Dr. Hanley is a member of the American Psychological Association (Div. 25), a former associate editor of The Behavior Analyst, a former editor of Behavior Analysis in Practice and the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters focused primarily on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of problem behaviors and sleep problems, teaching strategies for developing life skills, and empirically derived values for children. professionals.

Dr. Hanley currently mentors graduate students as a research professor at WNEU, is an adjunct professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and leads FTF Behavioral Consulting, the international training and consulting group based in Worcester, Massachusetts. This group of practitioner-researchers supports practitioners attempting to create meaningful outcomes with Practical Functional Assessment and Skill Based Treatment processes to address emerging and severe problem behavior, intractable stereotypies, food selectivity, and mealtime problem behavior and problems. of sleep.

Floriana Canniello, Psy.D., BCBA, IBA

Dr. Floriana Canniello is an Italian psychologist, psychotherapist and BCBA. For more than 15 years, you have been involved in assessment, diagnosis and behavioral intervention for autistic people and other disabilities. She received training and supervision directly from Dr. G. Hanley in the implementation of PFA and SBT receiving FTF Credentialing Level 6 as a supervisor. She is CEO, founder and clinical supervisor of Behavioral Analytic Services and runs a clinical center in Rome. She is also head of the Department of Applied Research and Clinical Intervention on the Evaluation and Treatment of Severe Problem Behaviors at the Neapolisanit Rehabilitation Center in Ottaviano (NA), Italy. She is a lecturer in ABA Masters, specialized training courses and a supervisor for aspiring behavior analysts. She mentors clinical directors, BCBAs and implementers in the leadership and implementation of the PFA and SBT processes. Dr. Canniello is trying to spread today's ABA throughout Italy, Europe and the Middle East. In 2022, Floriana and her colleagues Salvatore Vita, Jessica Peluso and Elena Clò translated FTF's PFA/SBT on-demand course into Italian, helping to disseminate the processes in Italian. Additionally, Floriana is co-author of “A New Adaptation of the Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis (IISCA): The Performance-based IISCA,” which was published in the European Journal of Behavior Analysis and co-author of “Predicting and Managing Risk during Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior" published in Child & Family Behavior Therapy in collaboration with the FTF team. You recently joined the FTF Behavioral Consulting team as a Fellow.

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